Drag-n-Fly is currently pioneering the way we, as consumers and motor-sport enthusiasts, look at transportation. Be seen, be fast and be Green. We want our drivers to be proud they are driving a revolutionary vehicle that is extremely attractive, has great performance and will eventually be driven by a non-fossil fuel power source.

In the first couple years of Drag-n-Fly we plan to attend racing events of all levels and caliber to stay engulfed in the industry while promoting the cars capabilities and performance. We also be continually eyeing the vehicles suspension, drive train and drivability to maintain an edge on competition and to meet our expectations.

dragonfly and a sunset









(first solo build)

After the first couple years we'll start following up with our contacts and network with promoters in the industry and start looking for additional power sources to drive the car. This includes updating marketability to fit the times and our current company's direction and focus. It's very important for us to stay on top of alternate power sources (i.e. electric, hydrogen, etc) as they become more readily available to the public and for racing. The current technology, while impressive, is not generally cost effective at this point in time. We will be making strides to keep informed and up to date on the progression of alternative power sources.









Long term.we want to be known and established. In ten years, we want to have joined forces with the electric power community in the private sector. We want to position the company to draw as much support for the future of racing while removing our dependence on fossil fuel power sources. We'll define success once we create a unique driving experience from a vehicle masterfully designed and crafted using top tier performance components. Ultimately, knowing the car will drive quietly down the road, around the track, and right into history.











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